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Privacy Policy


This website has forms that use cookies to track the personal data of users. In respect of the privacy of our customers and all those who visit our portal, we have adopted a strict policy on respect of special categories of personal data that are collected by the IT systems used by our company.
By visiting the website pages, as well as subscribing to the mailing lists and newsletters, you consent to the collection of the following data: name, surname, e-mail, company name, qualification, country and addresses of various natures. All data are collected exclusively to enable you to receive information on the products and services offered by our company; information that may be requested directly by you or voluntarily offered by us. We will never send, for any reason, information about you to other companies, entities or institutions. You will never receive e-mails that are not relevant to our activity or in your informative interest. As regards the sending of news mails, you may at any time ask to be removed from our lists and your data will then be permanently erased.
However, we must emphasise that it is impossible for anyone to guarantee security in internet communications: it is therefore the duty of all users to take appropriate measures to protect their data and/or their software from damage caused by any viruses circulating on the internet. Cantina Sociale Mendrisio takes all due precautions to guarantee the security of each user's information on this website and every e-mail transmission undergoes an antivirus check. All users are of course aware that the internet is open and nobody can prevent the spread of malicious information that is not intercepted by our security systems.
The cookies generated by our web portal are signalled by the system and your approval is requested in order to access our pages. Cookies simplify the use of web pages and they memorise information to assist browsing. Information collected during browsing on our pages is used to make the services even more efficient for our customers. All information collected is anonymous and can never be used to identify the user personally. Usually, it is possible to control the majority of cookie flows by altering the browser settings; you can manage session cookies by changing your browser settings.


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