What we do: passion and hard work.

My love of my local land and its fruits have always been of central importance to me, and after I finished my education - I was one of the first people from the canton of Ticino to undertake the training that provided our new generation of technical experts - I started work at Tenuta Montalbano, the vineyard owned by the Cantina Sociale Mendrisio winery.

I've lived and breathed the "Cantina" and its vineyard for more than thirty years, and I have had the pleasure of taking part in all the main stages of its continual development and growth; from managing Tenuta Montalbano to creating new wines and new product lines, such as the Monticello Vini line. This development has been possible partly thanks to the commitment and skill of the staff, who have created sound foundations for the organisation's growth. Today, consumers who open a bottle of our wine savour not only its sensory qualities but also all the strength of the tradition, passion and knowledge of people who work with sensitivity to win due appreciation for our unique, inspiring land.

Today one of my roles within the canton of Ticino's only cooperative winery is as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cantina Sociale Mendrisio. I am honoured to hold this post, which enables me to share with our approximately 300 grower members in deciding the strategies for our region's wine-making future. I am sure that this future will see us producing wines of greater and greater quality, aided by leading-edge technologies but always in keeping with the best tradition.

Piercarlo Saglini
Chairman of Board of Directors
Cantina Sociale Mendrisio

Cantina Sociale Mendrisio, a story of passion and dedication

Cantina Sociale Mendrisio was founded on 21 January 1949 by a small group of grape growers from the surrounding Mendrisio district and is the canton of Ticino's only cooperative winery. These far-sighted growers' aim was to create an organisation capable of using the fruits of their impressive labours to make a wine of superior quality, which still excels in quality and variety today. The winery started operations with the 1950 vintage and 60 years later it is still the canton of Ticino's biggest wine producer, making about 20% of its wine output, and with a storage capacity of almost 30,000 hl.

The members account for a very large slice of the Mendrisio district's grape production, but there are also significant numbers of member growers in the Riviera and Blenio Valley areas, who provide the winery with more grapes of fine quality. Cantina Sociale Mendrisio produces and sells only wines made from Ticino grapes, mainly of the Merlot variety; its immense professionalism, wealth of experience and modern production and storage facilities enable it to offer the market only products of the highest grade.

Environment-friendly growing methods, including an awareness of landscape conservation factors, combined with passion and dedication throughout the production process, contribute the local connotation so important and sought-after nowadays.

With its three clearly defined product lines, its capability to produce for large retail chains, including on a private-label basis, and a full distribution network for the catering industry, Cantina Sociale Mendrisio looks with great optimism to the market of the future, both inside the country and beyond its borders, where new, fertile markets are ready and waiting for a product made with passion and dedication.

The silent realm of quality

Underground at the Mendrisio winery, an attractive, custom-designed wrought iron gate leads to the "Barricaia della Cantina". These noiseless rooms contain the high-quality Slavonian oak barriques used for ageing the finest wines, to be bottled under the prestigious, multiple award-winning "Riserve" labels of the "Tenuta Montalbano" and "Monticello Vini" lines, as well as the partially barrique-aged wines including "La Trosa" and "Incanto". The "Barricaia" cellar also includes the "pupitres" used for the remuage of the "Euforia" spumante wine, produced under the "Monticello Vini" label.

A land rich in culture and beauty

Cantina Sociale Mendrisio was founded, operates and continues to grow within a land with a strong grape-growing and wine-making tradition and a wealth of places of historic, artistic and natural interest. A generous land, with a climate ideal for the natural ripening of the grapes grown in the vineyards whose terraces and rows of vines help to create striking landscapes of rare beauty.

A large proportion of the Winery's members operate in this zone, using growing methods which protect the environment and landscape, putting passion and dedication into the entire production process and providing the local connotation so important and sought-after nowadays. There is a general demand on the market for products whose selling-points are genuineness and traditionally made quality. In a world which has been invaded during the last few years by huge quantities of soulless, globalised products with standardised flavours and assortments, the preference for specific characteristics, expressing a particular know-how and real quality, achieved through passion and skill in the choice of raw materials and production processes, has never been so strong. The wines produced and offered for sale by the Cantina Sociale Mendrisio represent this philosophy to perfection, acting as worthy ambassadors for the land, the Merlot wine of canton of Ticino, and a unique, distinctive know-how.

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