Cantina Sociale Mendrisio
The strength of the land.

There is a general demand on the market for products whose selling-points are genuineness and traditionally made quality, in a world which has been invaded during the last few years by huge quantities of soulless, globalised products with standardised flavours and assortments. Cantina Sociale Mendrisio label wines meet this preference for specific characteristics, expressing a particular know-how and real quality, achieved through wise, skilful choice of raw materials and production processes. Excellent quality, excellent price, excellent image. A combination respected by industry experts and discerning customers.

The range of wines is particularly well structured, from the basic whites and reds through to high-end products such as "La Trosa", made with grapes from the "old vineyards of the Mendrisio Hills", the winner of many international awards.

The meticulous harvesting of the member growers' grapes followed by careful processing by state-of-the-art methods guarantees the market a truly impressive product. A genuine Swiss quality product.

Tenuta Montalbano
Passion and culture.

The TENUTA MONTALBANO estate was created in 1962, when Giuseppe Paleari, one of the fathers of canton of Ticino Merlot, sold his land at San Pietro di Stabio to Cantina Sociale Mendrisio, which was eager to manage a vineyard on its own account. In the years which followed, the Winery purchased and rented additional lands, eventually acquiring control of about 20 hectares (200,000 mq2) with about 80,000 vines. These figures make the TENUTA MONTALBANO estate one of Switzerland's largest black grape vineyards within a single district.

Its product range, all offered under the Tenuta label, comprises 2 whites and 3 reds, including an outstanding "Riserva". All multiple award winners, they fully express the quality and strength of the land from which they come.

Monticello Vini
Exclusive and dynamic.

A dynamic, innovative winery at the southernmost tip of Switzerland, in the lovely Mendrisio district, this label is wholly owned by Cantina Sociale Mendrisio and only offers the finest products of the work of dedicated wine-makers.

Its key features are its range of top quality wines and the care taken over the selection of choice products, combined with an individual, modern image, which place it amongst the industry leaders. Its quality and high standards have been rewarded internationally by a large number of major prizes, especially the title, for two consecutive years, of "Swiss Wine Ambassador".

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