Cantina Sociale Mendrisio adopts the concept of "Swiss quality" as an absolute priority in its daily operations, and applies it with care and responsibility. 5 reasons for choosing a genuine product:

For the Economy

With more than 4 million Swiss francs paid to grape growers and a large supply chain generated within the region, the Cantina Sociale Mendrisio is one of the canton of Ticino's biggest wineries. The 1,000 tonnes of grapes delivered by about 300 member growers and storage capacity of about 3.5 million litres enable Cantina Sociale Mendrisio to produce about 20% of the canton's wine output.

For the Jobs

90% of staff are native to the area and the training of skilled apprentices is a real mission, for the present and future. With a constant focus on the needs of its home area and accepting the role of a real representative of the region, Cantina Sociale Mendrisio takes an active part in constructively nurturing a healthy community, with a belief in young people's future which also assures it the staff it needs to hand down an impressive legacy of know-how.

For the Environment

The work of local grape farmers promotes biodiversity and safeguards an area with unique characteristics. The gentle hills of the Mendrisio district are ideal for growing Merlot grapes, which express the nature of a region capable of strong emotions. A generous land, with amazing views and a fine natural habitat to which animal species once locally extinct are gradually returning.


For Social Responsibility

A modern company is duty-bound to accept social responsibilities too, endeavouring to share part of its success with those who are less fortunate. Cantina Sociale Mendrisio supports major good causes through donations to organisations and associations such as "Telethon" and "Fondazione La Fonte". It is also particularly active in supporting promising young sportsmen and women, who often require real sponsorship to help them overcome difficulties at the start of their careers.

For genuine Quality

Great work in recent years has enabled Cantina Sociale Mendrisio wines to establish an excellent reputation around the world, winning prestigious accolades and international awards. International sommeliers readily acknowledge the level achieved by the company’s wines, which offer quality, personality and variety.

People choose the Cantina Sociale Mendrisio, Tenuta Montalbano and Monticello Vini wines above all for their authentic goodness and outstanding flavour and bouquet.

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